Not yet…

Thank you, Lake Shore family! We feel the love…and miss you too! We’ve received many inquiries asking when we may open, especially in light of other gyms reopening in the area. Like you, we were ecstatic to hear that news! But after reviewing the state’s revised guidelines for phases 2 and 3, we quickly realized the restrictions are even more stringent than before. Washington has the strictest restrictions of any state in the country. Frankly, it hampers our ability to provide all the services that make Lake Shore much more than your average gym, such as racquetball, squash, basketball leagues, pools both indoor and out, a large variety of fitness classes thriving on peer motivation, kids programs and care, hot tubs and saunas….all the things that bring you joy and stress reduction in these difficult days.  We are exploring all options for our members from scheduling software, small group fitness, and more to provide the utmost value and service to you while still remaining fiscally viable. Until we open on even a limited basis, we will continue suspending dues on all accounts. Please know we are working hard to find a solution given the current parameters provided. We have been met with other challenges in our 60 year history and we will overcome this one as well.

We will keep you informed here when we know we can open safely, within the state requirements, yet still provide you with the many amenities you have come to enjoy. Until then, be safe and well.

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