FAQ Regarding Memberships During Closure

Are you open?

A:  No.  Due to Governor Inslee’s Stay Home order, we remain closed until at least mid-June.

How can we reach you?

A:  Because we are not considered an essential business, we do not have staff at the club to answer your calls.  Our current phone system does not support voicemail.  We ask that you contact us upon our reopening, and we will be able to answer your questions or process your transactions at that time.

I’ve tried to email you but I haven’t received a response.

A:  Since staff is not available to field any specific inquiries regarding accounts, your emails are being collected and will be promptly addressed when we reopen.

Will it be safe for me to return?

A:  We are taking every step to ensure a safe, clean environment.  We will engage in social distancing strategies and will follow all other guidelines issued by the CDC and the health department.  We encourage members in a high risk category, as outlined in the governor’s plan, to follow those guidelines including staying at home until the risk has been diminished.

I want to drop my account now and don’t want to be responsible for dues when I can’t come to the club.

A:  Rest assured, we will not hold any member responsible for dues during the time period we are closed.  We are asking all members to delay any changes to their account until our staff returns and can process your transactions.

I want to freeze my account but you are closed so I can’t come in to sign anything.

A:  Since our staff is not here to process transactions, we are asking that you delay making any requests until we reopen and have a better idea of the length of our closure.

I’ve made already mailed in a payment.  Will that be processed?

A:  Yes.  We will process payments that we receive as timely as possible.

The bill you sent at the end of March charged me for April dues.  Will those be credited since you weren’t open?

A:  Absolutely!  You will not be charged for any time you were unable to use the club.

Why did you charge me for April dues in the first place since I haven’t been in since the first part of March?

A:  Anticipating we could reopen March 31 (the end date of the governor’s original order), we billed as scheduled for April dues.  We applied a credit to existing accounts for the 2 weeks we were closed by way of a reduction to April’s dues.  We will make additional adjustments for the April dues that were billed once we know a date certain for reopening.

I was told my account would be credited, but I don’t see a credit on my statement.

A:  Since we have very limited accounting staff, we were unable to manually post credits to each individual account.  Instead, we adjusted the rate you would pay in April by deducting the 2-weeks of dues from your regular membership rate (i.e., family, couple, etc.) That was the most expedient way for us to distribute a mass credit.

What if I pay annually or semi-annually?

A:  For those accounts that came due in April for semi-annual or annual dues, we applied an actual credit representing two weeks of dues, which reduces the amount of your next renewal.  Should the closure extend to a full month, we plan to extend your term (6 months or 12 months) by one full month or more, depending on our reopen date.

I put my account on vacation the week before the closure.  Will I lose my vacation credits?

A:  No, we won’t apply any of the vacation to your allotment of 4 weeks per calendar year.  Vacations that occurred prior to our closure on 3/16 will still count against your vacation credits.  Those credits have already been posted to your account. All other vacation requests are being held until we know how much longer we will be closed.

If I don’t pay my bill, am I going to get a service charge or my discount for early payment disallowed?

A:  Members have always been encouraged to pay by the 15th to receive $5 off regular dues plus tax. Our software automatically adds the $5 plus tax back to your account if your payment is not received by the 15th of every month.  Similarly, if the software detects a balance on an account at the time of billing, a $10 service charge is assessed. We plan to waive these fees for the next billing cycle.

My payment is submitted through my bank’s bill pay.   Should I cancel it?A:  Since the closure has extended much longer than anticipated, you may wish to suspend your online bill pay.  You may also want to refer to your last statement to confirm the amount billed since it reflected a change in dues for April.  If you send in a payment, we will post it to your account as soon as we are able.  Any overpayment will be reflected as a credit on your account.

I’ve paid for swim lessons.  What happens to that money now that you are closed?

A:  Aquatics will be issuing swim credits to be applied to future sessions. Once we have a date certain that we can reopen, new group swim lesson dates will be announced.

What about massage?  Personal training?  Can I get my money back?

A:  Once we reopen, we will be able to reschedule your massage, personal training and such, and will be happy to apply your payment to the next date that is convenient for you.

I’ve paid for the SPA for the month.  Can I get a credit?

A:  We are awaiting a reopen date in order to determine the proper amounts to be credited, including for the Supervised Play Area.

These are not intended to answer each and every member question, and we know you have many.  Please know our members have always been our top priority. That will not change.  We will do our very best to address your individual questions and concerns once we reopen. In the meantime, please check our website and Facebook page for the latest updates. We so appreciate your patience and understanding during this time!