Another Update: More Restrictions

Our email has been FLOODED by all of you who want to get back to your fitness routines! We are even more anxious to get back to business and welcome you in! We had developed a plan to safely reopen weeks ago while awaiting the move to Phase 3. We were surprised and elated to hear we could reopen in Phase 2, until we discovered that the updated guidelines were even more restrictive than before. Here are a few of the things that were revised:

1) No hot tubs, saunas, showers
2) No basketball games
3) No child care
4) Reduced capacity: 1 person per every 300 sq feet rather than the original 6 ft social distance requirement and no more than 25% of our total capacity
5) Fitness class maximum of only 10 people

We are now revising our original plans–adding scheduling software, adjusting class schedules and programs based on even lesser numbers, etc. We are hoping to offer more classes with smaller numbers so everyone has a chance to get in.

In addition, since our closure has lasted much longer than we ever anticipated, we sadly lost some of our awesome team members. We are now in need of time to hire and train new staff including lifeguards, Front Desk associates and Conditioning Room staff. If you are interested in joining our team, please email us through our Contact Us link.

Once we have these additional measures in place, we will be able to serve you again, hopefully in just a few short weeks. We’ll post updates on our website and Facebook page. Once again, please know you are not being charged for any time we are closed.

We know you have many choices in fitness. While other facilities may be open, they face the same limitations we do. They have scant capacity levels and heavy restrictions as well. It’s a difficult time for the industry. Thanks to you, your sons and daughters, parents, grandparents and friends, Lake Shore has been part of this community for six DECADES! We remain grateful for all of you–our members, non-members, guests and our amazing staff. Thanks for rooting for us! We really hope to see you soon.