Turkey Swim 2023

Abstract water background of blue lap pool with turkey swim logo and simple white outline of turkey.

Turkey Swim 2023 is here!

Set your goal and get in the pool! Challenge starts October 16th and runs until November 18th.

Sign ups end October 14th so make sure to register today! Registration forms are located at the Front Desk.

Adult swimmers are invited to participate in our annual Turkey Swim! In order to participate, you must fill out and submit the registration form to the Front Desk. Challenge yourself to a certain number of swim workouts, or a certain number of pool lengths per week. Record your progress on the Lap Swim Report (those choosing number of workouts, please indicate that at the bottom of the report) and deposit in the box located in the Indoor Pool hallway. Your progress will be posted on the Lap Swim Bulletin Board.

Once you’ve reached your goal, your name will be entered in our prize drawing. held November 21st, with a chance to win a thanksgiving turkey! All participants who reach their goal will also receive a Lake Shore Athletic Club Turkey Swim 2023 t-shirt!

If you have any questions about the Turkey Swim, please give us a call (360) 574-1991 or stop by the Front Desk.