Welcome to Group Swim Lessons

Thank you for choosing Lake Shore Athletic Club for your child’s swim lessons!  Our warm water, pool layout and excellent staff will make your child’s early experiences in the water as positive as possible.

To ensure that your child’s experience remains positive, our policy for instruction is simple: we never force a child to do anything.  Each child has a natural progression while learning to swim and we match our pace to that of the child. 

To a child, swimming lessons can be very frightening at first.  A new teacher, unfamiliar children, new surroundings, being separated from Mom or Dad, and that early fear of water all combine to produce a great deal of anxiety.  Here are some suggestions that may help your child’s swimming lessons be successful and rewarding:

  • Have your child well rested and in a good frame of mind.
  • Remember individuality.  Do not compare your child’s progress to others in the class.  We challenge the children to do their best, improve each day and most of all have fun!
  • Patience and understanding are the key words for the child who refuses to participate in the first day or two.  Encourage him to listen and watch the class from the edge of the pool.  Usually, they choose to join in the fun!

Day 1:  Arrive early, no more than 15 minutes early.  Have student ready to swim and in the waiting area just outside of the indoor pool.  Instructors will call their classes at the designated time and specific door for the level.

  • Door 1: Pre Classes
  • Door 3: Levels 1-6
  • Door 2: Exit for all classes

Day 2 – 8:  Students are to enter the pool area at their class time and proceed to where their class meets, hang up their towel and sit on the blue tile or against the wall until the instructor invites them into the pool.

Additional Information:

  • Proper Attire: Children are to wear proper swimsuits.  Goggles and or caps are at parent’s discretion.  Please use hair ties to hold long hair back.
  • Locker room policy: Children are to use the Boys or Girls locker rooms.  Children over the age of 5 MUST use the gender appropriate locker room.  Dad’s with daughters or Mom’s with sons over the age of 5 may either dry the swimmers, bundle them in sweats or a robe or use the Supervised Play area bathroom to change their children.
  • Parent/Tot Classes: Participants must use the children’s locker rooms.
  • Absence:  If your child is absent due to illness or emergency, please leave a note for the Aquatic Director and credits will be recorded.
  • Future Classes: To register for future swim sessions, first check with the instructor for proper level.  Usually by the end of the 5th lesson, an evaluation is possible.  If the student is not currently in lessons, level testing is available. Check with the front desk for days and times.

Questions or concerns: Please leave a message at the front desk and our Aquatic Department will contact you as soon as possible, 574-1991.

Click here to download a PDF of this letter.