Pool Rules 2023

General Pool Rules

  • Children under 6 who are not able to swim must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Children under the age of 6 who are able to swim can be permitted without a responsible adult at the lifeguard’s discretion.
  • Swimmers under the age of 17 are only allowed to swim when a lifeguard is on duty.
  • No cut-offs, gym shorts or T-shirts to be worn in the pool.
  • No street shoes on the pool deck. (LSAC Staff only)
  • Shower before entering the pool.
  • No food, beverage or glass in pool area and pool deck.
  • Swimmers are not to be tossed in the air or carried on the shoulders of other swimmers.
  • No hanging on the lane lines or diving board.
  • No playing in the water inlet stream.

Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs)

  • All personal flotation devices (PFDs) must be United States Coast Guard approved. This includes all life vests / jackets, toddler pool floats, and float suits. Parent must accompany the child in the pool and be within reach. The lifeguard will check for the USCG approval.
  • Water wings are NOT allowed.
  • Fins, snorkels or masks are at the discretion of the Lifeguard on Duty and are usually reserved for lap swimmers and swim lessons only.

Toys in the Pool

  • Soft water toys allowed at the discretion of the Lifeguard on Duty (Indoor and Wading Pool Only)
  • Noodles and dive rings distributed by the lifeguard. (Indoor Pool Only)
  • Kickboards and exercise equipment for Lap Swimmers and swim instructors only.

Jumping and Diving

  • Allowed in designated areas only.
  • Jumping: permitted around the pool with feet first entry
  • Diving:
    • Indoor Pool – 9ft. only.
    • Outdoor Pool – Deep end east side of board or diving board.

Diving Board Rules

  • Swimmers must leave the board facing forward.
  • No goggles to be worn on the head or neck off the boards. Goggles may be wrapped around the wrist.
  • No lifejackets off diving board or slide. Swim classes only.
  • Parents are not allowed to catch children off board or slide. Swimmers MUST be able to recover to the side by themselves.


They are to enforce the pool rules and provide a safe and enjoyable environment for Lake Shore members and guests. Failure to obey the pool rules may result in removal from the pool.

Lap Swim Guidelines

  • LAP SWIM: Adults aged 17 and older. During Open Swim (Indoor Pool), any age may lap swim.  Check the Summer Outdoor Pool Schedules for youth lap swim opportunities.
  • CIRCLE SWIM pattern will enable more swimmers to use the same lane. See pool wall for instructions.
  • Lanes 2 – 4:  Swimmers of medium to fast swimming abilities.  Occasionally, private swim instructors may have students doing laps in one of these lanes.
  • Lane 1: Usually reserved for private swim Instruction and or Recreational swimmers.

Outdoor Wading Pool

  • This pool is for children 6 YEARS OF AGE AND UNDER ONLY.
  • A responsible adult MUST always accompany children in the wading pool.
  • SMALL soft toys and LSAC provided toys are allowed.
  • Personal Flotation Devices must be U.S. Coast Guard approved (see above).
  • NO large animal floats.
  • NO hanging on basketball rim.
  • NO diving or other dangerous play.
  • NO food or beverages near the pool edge.

Water Slide

Rules for the use of the Water Slide are posted on the slide. Members must obey the rules and follow the directions of the Slide Monitor and Lifeguards.   

  • Lifejackets and goggles are NOT allowed off the water slide.
  • Children MUST be able to recover to the side by themselves.
  • ONLY one person at a time is allowed on the water slide.
  • Swimmers enter flume sitting, face forward.
  • Swimmers exiting flume must exit feet first.

Contact the lifeguard on duty or the Aquatic Department for additional information.

Be safe.  Thank You!

Click here to download a PDF of these rules.