Private Swim Lesson Info

Private and Semi-Private Swim Lesson Program

Lake Shore Athletic Club is pleased to offer private and semi-private swim lessons. Lessons are available to all ages, parent/tot to adult.

Lesson Charges

Private: Member: $33.00 Non-Member: $38.00

Semi-Private: Member: $42.00 Non-Member: $49.00

Semi-private lessons are for 2 students, maximum.  If one student is a member and one a non-member, the member pays ½ of $42.00 and the non-member pays ½ of $49.00.  If the parent is a member but the child is over 7 and not on the account, the fee is that of a non-member.

Scheduling:  The Aquatic Director is responsible for connecting the student with the instructor that will best meet the student’s needs.  The instructor will then contact the parent to schedule the first lesson.  Changes in the schedule are handled by the instructor and the student.

Payment Policy: Lesson fees are to be paid on the date of the lesson, or in advance.  The client needs to leave the receipt at the Front Desk for the instructor.  If the client does not pay at the time of service, a message will be sent that payment needs to be received no more than 48 hours from time of service. Lessons that are prepaid, the client still needs to check in at the Front Desk.   Members:  Instructors do NOT charge your account.  You must tell the Front Desk staff member that this is how you would like to pay and sign the charge slip.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation of a lesson must be made 24 hours in advance. This is done by notifying the instructor.  Leave a message on their home / cell phone and at the club.  Less than 24-hour notice may result in full charge for the ½ hour lesson. 
  • A “No Show” shall result in full charge for the ½ hour lesson.
  • Certain exceptions apply and must be discussed with the instructor.
  • If the instructor can fill your reserved time, no charge.

Lesson Guidelines:

  1. Proper swimming attire…if goggles are worn, please make sure that they are adjusted properly prior to the lesson.
  2. Please have the student ready a few minutes prior to the lesson to insure a full 30-minute lesson.
  3. Swimmer(s) must shower prior to entering the pool…this is a Washington State Health Code.
  4. Parents may view the lesson from the bleacher viewing area, not on the pool deck.
  5. Parents may enter the pool area for a brief conference with the instructor…SHOES MUST BE REMOVED…this is a Washington State law.

For additional information please contact the Aquatic Director at 360-574-1991.

Click here to download a PDF of this information.